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About Me

I was born and raised in West San José, and I’ve lived here most of my life. My parents both came here from other states, with my mother being the first in our family to finish college. During my childhood my parents mostly worked food service jobs, and through their hard work created an environment for me and my sister that helped us to thrive and succeed. That led me to attend UC Santa Cruz, where I studied computer science and politics. One brought me back to San José to pursue a career in the tech industry; the other got me thinking about how communities can come together to achieve common goals.

San José is my hometown, but that’s far from the only reason I love living here. We have many of the qualities of other big cities, but what sets us apart is our sense of community. We have neighbors from all over the world, giving us the unique opportunity to call upon a wide variety of perspectives to face the challenges ahead of us. What I hope to bring to City Council is a fresh perspective and a sense of excitement and optimism about the future of San José. I’m grateful to this city for allowing me to believe that I could shape my own future, and I’m excited for the opportunity to help shape San José’s future.

I currently serve on the San José Planning Commission, and the board of the District 1 Leadership Group. I previously served on the city’s Housing and Community Development Commission.

That civic experience has given me a unique insight into the issues impacting individual neighborhoods, how the City of San José works (and how it doesn’t), how to make decisions, and how to craft solutions. I’ve built coalitions and connections with local businesses and neighborhood associations, and as your next Councilmember I’ll leverage those relationships to address tomorrow’s challenges.